Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the Account Settings item.
Click on the Territory item in the My People menu.

Near the top right corner.
You will see the ADD NEW TERRITORY button.
Click the button if you want to Purchase a New Territory.

This is where you can View all of your Licensed Territories

There are 6 Columns:

  • Type
  • Properties
  • Est.Sales
  • Status
  • Actions


This will show if the Territory is Exclusive or Shared. The Main Account Holder is the only one who can Decide to Share the Territory. All Territories are Exclusive to the Main Account Holder.


This string of numbers is your Territories GEOID. Click on the GEOID will show your Campaigns Monthly Allotment.


This will show you how many Properties are in this Territory.


This will show you how many Estimated Sales are Predicted for this Territory.


This will show you if the Territories Data has been Imported.


You will see Menu Icons next to each Territory. Clicking on the Menu Icon will allow you to Share your Territory with your Team Members

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