With offrs, we find you Seller Leads.
and Converting Buyer Leads is very different from Seller Leads.
Buyer Leads need more Immediate Attention.
You can be more Aggressive and Straight Forward with Buyer Leads.

Seller Leads are the Opposite.
There are A Lot of things that need to be done before a Person is ready to List their Home.
You can't Force someone to List their Home when they aren't ready.
You want to Position yourself as the Best Choice, once they are ready to List.

That's why it takes 10+ Touches to Convert most Listing Leads.
The best method for Converting is to Consistently keep your Name and Brand in front of the Homeowner, in a Positive way.
You want to Launch Campaigns to them every Week or Two.

This is why most Agents Fail at Converting their Seller Leads.
Over Half of all Agents give up on a Seller Lead after just the Second Touch.

Seller Leads need more Work to Convert.
But Listing Leads are much more Valuable than Buyer Leads.

Listing Agents get their Name and Brand in front of more People.
Open Houses and other Listing Advertising leads to more Business.
Sellers become Buyers.
Almost Half of all People who Sell their Home, Buy another one within a 10 Mile radius. 

Listings are also Harder to Earn now more than Ever.
Nationally we have the Lowest Inventory and Highest Absorption rate historically.
That means Buyers have fewer Options now than ever before.

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