To access the Lead Dashboard.
Click on the DASHBOARD tab near the top right corner of the page.
A menu will open.
Click on the Lead Dashboard item.

On the left side of the Lead Dashboard.
You can Search for a Lead by their Last Name.
You can View your Leads by Territory.
You can also choose what Type of Leads you want to View.

Such as:

  • Hot Leads
  • Verified Leads
  • Lookup Leads
  • Smart Leads
  • Expired Leads
  • Mortgage Leads

Click on the box next to the Type of Lead you want to View.
After you make your Selections.
Click the SEARCH button at the bottom.

You can View the Leads on the right side of the page.

There's 7 Columns above the Leads:

  • Score
  • Name
  • Date Added
  • Property Address
  • Last Touch
  • Type
  • Assign

You can View your Leads by any of these 7 Columns.

For Example: If you want to View your Leads by the Date they were Added. Just click on the top Date Added Column.

You will see a Gear Icon in the top right corner of the page.
A menu will open.
There are two items in the menu.
Show Owner Addresses and Download as .csv.

Clicking on Show Owner Addresses will add an Owner Address Column to your Leads.

Clicking on Download as .csv will download your Leads information into a .csv file.

One of the best feature of the Lead Dashboard is; it allows to easily Assign Leads to your Team Members.

First, make sure your Teams and Team Members are set up.

Next to your Leads (in the Assign Column), you will see a Triangle Icon.
That means the Lead is Not Assigned to anyone.
Click on the Triangle Icon and a menu will open.
You will see your Team Members Names in the menu.
Click on the Team Member Name you want to Assign the Lead to.

The page will reload.
The Triangle Icon will turn into a Check Mark.
That means the Lead has been successfully Assigned

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