First, go to the Person's Page you want to Report or Remove Bad Data from.

Click on the People tab at the top of the page.
A menu will open.
You can click on a Tag to find a Person with that Tag.
Click on the SEARCH button to find a Tag or Person.
There is also the Recent People section at the bottom of the menu.

On the left side of the Person's Page is the Info Section.
In the OVERVIEW tab.
Click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the Report Bad Data item.
A window will open.

You will see all of this Person's Contact Information in the window.

To Report Bad Data.
Click on the Mark as Bad button next to the Data you want to Report.
The window will close.
We will automatically be notified.
We will automatically reach out to our Data Providers to try to find you better information for this Person.

IMPORTANT: Do not Delete Data you want to Report as Bad. If you Delete a Person's Data. It will be completely removed from our system. That means our Team will not have any access to the Deleted Information. They will not be able to investigate any Deleted Data.

To Delete Data.
Click on the Delete button next to the Information you want to remove.
The window will closed.
You will no longer have access to that Information.

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