With our new v5 platform. We also improved our House Value Report website. It is now a Home Value Experience

We market an Un-Branded version of this website to find you Lookup Leads.

You can also create your own Branded version of the website for your own marketing.

A Homeowner can go onto the website.
They enter their Address into the Search Bar.
A new page will load.
Here, the Homeowner can see the Tax Assessed Value for their Home.
Of course, the Tax Assessed Value is almost always Wrong.
We understand that.
That's why we allow the Homeowner to enter in needed information so we can give them a more accurate Evaluation.

All the Homeowner needs to do is click the Let's Fix It! button.
Follow the steps to enter in the needed information.

Once they enter in all the information.
They will be given a Property Demand Score.

They can now create an account to save their information.
We will match their information to our Database and deliver them to you as a Lookup Lead.

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