Before you can Assign Leads to your Team Members.
You need to make sure your Teams are Setup.

Click Here to learn how to Create a Team.
Click Here to learn hot to Add a Team Member to your Team.

Once your Teams are Setup.
Click on the DASHBOARD  tab in the top left corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the item that says Lead Dashboard.

There are 7 Column:

  • NAME
  • TYPE
  • ASSIGN¬†

You can view your Leads based on these Items.
To Assign a Lead to a Team Member.
Click on the Triangle icon to the right of a Lead.
A menu will open.
All of your Team Members will appear in the menu.
Click on the Team Member you want to Assign this Lead to.
The page will refresh.
The Triangle icon will turn into a Check Mark.

A Check Mark means the Lead has been Assigned to a Team Member.

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