For many Legal Reasons, we cannot use your Personal Mobile Number to Launch your Text Message Campaigns.
That's why everyone with an offrs Account gets a Free, Randomly Generated Number that their Text Message Campaigns will be sent from.
You cannot Choose or Change your Number, but this Number will be Uniquely yours.

This Number should be Linked to a Mobile Number of your choice.
When someone Replies to your Text Message Campaign, the Replies will be sent Directly to the Linked Mobile Number.

Before you can Setup your Text Number, make sure your Mobile Number is entered into your Profile.
Your TXT Number will use the same Area Code as your Mobile Number.

Click Here for more Information on how to add your Mobile Number to your Profile.

To Setup the Text Number.

Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the Account Settings item.
A new page will load.
Click on the Setup TXT Number at the bottom of the Profile menu.

In the Link to this Mobile Number bar.
You will see the Mobile Number that you entered into your Profile.

Click the GENERATE OFFRS.COM NUMBER in the bottom right corner.
The page will refresh.
It will now say Phone Number in the middle of the page.

The Number that is now displayed is your offrs TXT Number.
This will be the Number that People will see when they Receive your Text Message Campaigns.
If anyone Texts this Number.
It will be forwarded to your Linked Mobile Number.

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