When you first Create your Smart Site.
We will use the Logo that you Upload into your Profile.
You can always Change this to a Different Logo or a Different Picture.

First Access the Smart Site page.

Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
A menu will open.
Click on Account Settings.

In the Advanced menu.
Click on the Smart Site button.
You will see the list of your Smart Sites on the next page.
Click on the Menu Icon to the right of your Site.
A menu will open.
Click on the Edit item.
A new window will open.

Before you Upload the New Logo.
Make sure that the Image fits the correct Criteria.
If your Image does not fit the Criteria.
It will not Upload.
The Website Logo section will tell you the needed Criteria.

The Criteria is:

Format: gif, png, and jpg

Size: Under 1Mb

Dimensions: Under 300px

If you are using a Logo.
We Recommend your Logo is Transparent.
That will give your Smart Site a more Professional look.

To Upload the New Logo.
In the Website Logo section.
Click on the Choose File button.
Find the Logo you want to use in your Computer.
Click the Save button in the bottom right corner.

IMPORTANT: Changing the Logo for one of your Smart Sites will not affect the Logo for your other Smart Sites. If you change the Logo in your Profile. It will also not affect the Logo on your current Smart Sites.

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