To Access the Upload Sphere Contacts page.
Click on Your Name in the top right corner.
A menu will open.
Click on the Account Settings item.
In the My People menu.
Click on the Upload Sphere Contacts item.

Before you can Upload your Contacts.
You first need to collect their Information in a .CSV Spreadsheet File.
If you have your Contacts Information saved into a Excel or other type of Spread Sheet File.
You can easily Convert that into a .CSV File.

Make sure your .CSV File doesn't have any Hyphens (-) or other Special Characters.
Only use Letters and Numbers.

Now that you have .CSV File with your Contacts Information.
You need to Create a Sphere for your Contacts to go into.

Click Here for more Information on how to Create a Sphere.

Once your Sphere is Created.
You can now Upload your Contacts into it.

Click Here for more Information on how to add Contacts into a Sphere.

When you Upload your Contacts.
We do a Process called Enhancing Your Data.
We take your Contacts Information and run it through our Data Providers, to find you even more Contact Information.
We can't Promise that we will be able to find more Contact Information.
But if we do, we will Give that to you at No Extra Cost.

Once you Initiate the Upload Process.
It will take 12 to 24 Hours for your Sphere Contacts to Appear.
That's because we do the Upload at night during Off Hours.
As to not Overload our Servers.  

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