There are a few different ways you can Signup for a Live Training Session.

If you don't know what Session to Signup for.
Click Here to view an Article that will explain the best Session to start with.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have a Strong Internet and Phone connection before Joining any Session. If you have Technical Issues during the Session. You can Retake the Session anytime you like. Our Live Training Sessions are open for any of our Clients to Join at anytime. Please, be Considerate of the other People in the Session.

The easiest way is to first go to
Click on the Session you want to Signup for.
You will see the Dates available for that Session.
Click on the Date you want.
Click on the Time you want to take the Session.
Click the Confirm button to the right.

A new page will load.
Enter your First and Last Name in the Full Name bar.
Enter your Email Address in the Your e-mail address bar.
Click the Schedule Event button.
On the next page.
You can add the Session to you. 

IMPORTANT: When you enter your Email Address. You will only be sent information about your Session. We will not share your Email Address with any other company.

You will be sent an Email with information on how to Join the Session when the Date and Time comes.

We also have that information available on the site.

When the Date and Time for the session comes.
First Call in.
The number is 1-860-970-0010
Wait until you hear the Recorded Voice.
Then enter in the Room Number 936-107-752#
You will then enter the room.

Next, go to 

You might need to Copy the URL and Paste it into your Web Browsers Address Bar.

You'll see a window in the Middle of the Screen.
Enter your Name in the bar at the bottom of this window.
Click the JOIN button to the right.
You will now be able to View the Session.

IMPORTANT: Our Live Training Sessions are always completely free for all of our Clients and all of their Team Members. You can take these Sessions as many times as you like. We Highly recommend taking the Sessions Multiple Times because we are constantly Changing and Improving them Month by Month. Sometimes Week by Week.

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