Your offrs account will come with some pre-loaded Tags. You can also create your own Custom Tags.

Click on your name in the top right corner.
Click on Account Settings.

In the Advance menu.
Click on Tags item.

In the top right corner.
Click on the CREATE A NEW TAG button.
A window will open.
There are 4 options in the window. Tag, Alias, Include in Shortcuts, and Days after Tagged to Expire.



This is where you enter in a name for your Tag

Alias (optional):

This is where you can add a second name for your Tag.

Important: Alias will over ride the Tag name. For Example: If you enter Pool into the Alias bar. You will have to search for Pool to find that Tag. Even if you have given your Tag a name in the Tag bar. If you leave the Alias bar blank. The Tag name will be the main name.

Include in Shortcuts:

This option is for if you want this Tag to appear in the People menu. If you select Yes. The Tag will appear in the menu. If you select No. It will not appear. 

Days after Tagged to Expire:

This option will allow you to decide in how many days you want the Tag to expire. Expire means the Tag will be removed. Enter 0 if you do not want the Tag to expire.

After you make your selections.
Click the SAVE button in the bottom right corner.

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