We regularly Update our Database to find Properties in your Territory that might be Listed on an MLS system.
If we find a Property in your Territory is Listed on an MLS.
We will Automatically give them the MLS Tag.

This can be Difficult though.
There are over 500 Different MLS systems currently available.
Each system is Unique and Update their Information at different times.
We are at the Mercy of these MLS systems.
Once an MLS system updates their Information.
Our Data Providers receive that Information and start processing it to Companies such as offrs.
We then add that Information to our Database

This is what's called a Data Chasm.
Data Chasm means the time it takes for Data to get to us.
This can sometimes take Weeks or Longer depending on the MLS system.
That's why we work with over 25 Different Data Providers.
So we can get the Best Data as soon as possible.
If you are unsure if a Property is Listed on the MLS.
We always recommend doing your own Search

If a Person is given the MLS Tag.
It will not Affect their Score.
That's because Listings do Expire.
That's why we have the EXPIRED Tag.


If a Person is given the MLS Tag.
Then they are removed from the MLS, without evidence of the Property being Sold.
They will be given the EXPIRED Tag.

Listings Expire for many reasons.
The Homeowner might Fire their Realtor for many reasons.
These are still great Opportunities.
Our Clients have had lots of Success Marketing to People who's Listings have Expired.
That's why we created the EXPIRED Tag.
So you can easily View and Market yourself to them.

The EXPIRED Tag also does not affect a Person's Score.


If we find a Property has Sold.
We will give them the SOLD Tag.
The SOLD Tag does affect a Person's Score.
If we find a Property has Sold, we will give them a Score of 0.
The SOLD Tag Expires after 180 Days.
That means the Tag will be Automatically removed.
The Score will remain the same after the Tag Expires.

Data Chasm

We talked about Data Chasm under the MLS Tag.
But Data Chasm affects all of these Tags and our Data.
We are at the Mercy of when MLS systems, Local Governments, and other Companies update their Data.
These can Vary greatly from County to County.
It takes some areas Weeks or Months to Update their Data.
That's why we work with over 25 Different Data Providers.
We Update our Information Weekly.
But it does take Time for Data to get to us.

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