Click on your name in the top right corner.
Click on Account Settings.

In the Advanced menu.
Click on the Teams item.
Click on the Menu Icon to the right of your Team's Name.
Click on the item that says Add Team Member.
A new window will open.
Enter in the Email Address of the person you want to add to your Team.
Click the Invite button in the bottom right corner.

Important: Once you click the Invite button. We will send an Email to the Email Address you entered. In the Email there will be a link where the Team Member can go to to create their own offrs Account for free.

Click on the Team's Name.
Here you can view the Team Members that have been added to this Team.
In the Status column.
If it says JOINED next to your Team Member.
That means this Team Member has created their offrs Account.
If it says PENDING next to your Team Member.
That means this Team Member has not created their offrs Account yet.

Important: Once your Team Members have created their Accounts. They will NOT have access to your Territory. Once your their Accounts are created. You have to go into your offrs Account and Share your Territory with your Team Members.

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