In order to visualize your territories, you are able to download the leads as a .csv file and upload them into a custom google maps. This can be helpful when looking to plan a door knocking route of a specific area. We recommend uploading your SMART LEADS, which is what we do in the example below.

1. Go to www.google.com/mymaps.

2. Click ‘Create A New Map’.

3. Under the 'Untitled layer', click ‘Import’.

4. Drag on to the screen or select the file containing the leads from your computer.

5. In the first window, you are asked to select what address information the upload should look at. Select ADDRESS, ADDRESS2, CITY, STATE, and ZIP in order to bring up the Owner addresses.

(We suggest using the Owner address as we wouldn't want you showing up and speaking to the renter's of a property.)

6. In the second window, you are asked to select what identifier you want the property to be labeled with. For this example, we used LAST NAME.

The map will load with the pin points of the addresses. Keep in mind, if using Owner Address, the owners may be outside of the territory or even in another state.

Zoom in to your territory to see a better view of the properties uploaded.

(You can click on any of the data points to see the uploaded information for each property including name, property address, score, and more.)

To add a layer to your map:

1. Click 'Uniform style' under the layer.

2. Select how you would like the places grouped by. In this example, we used 'Score'. We then selected to show 'Ranges' and only 4 ranges on a scale of light red to dark red. Lastly, we added that we wanted the 'Last Name' to be shown by the dot.

Here is what we now see:

Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help!

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